Prosterit 5 Mg 30 Tab.



Prosterit – mens health drug, this drug contains Finasteride and is made by Kocak Farma – Turkey

In terms of the use of Finasteride for steroid users, it would be related to the easing of several androgenic side effects often associated with the use of some anabolic and androgenic steroids. Of course due to the originally intended medical purpose of the drug steroid users suffering from prostate conditions due to their anabolic steroid use could be well served to use a drug such as Proscar. This will likely ease some of the discomfort caused by the activity of the DHT in the prostate tissue and related conditions.

Similarly the androgenic activity of DHT in the scalp leading to hair loss can also prevented in some males with the use of a reductase inhibitor like Finasteride. If the hair loss experienced by the user is related to an increase in the concentration and/or level of DHT in the tissue the administration of finasteride can help to reduce or prevent the severity of this side effect. A third side effect that the drug may help with is oily skin and/or acne. This androgenic side effect may be prevented or at the very least reduced in severity with the administration of Finasteride. However, anecdotally the results of this have been mixed to say the least and relatively few users administer the drug for this purpose.